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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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meteorologist paul deanno tracking all that rain. >> san jose no rain from new year's day until this morning. now there are thousands of drops every second. hi-def doppler up and down the south bay, san jose north on 680, north on 880, up toward fremont, union city, getting some steady rainfall right now. the steady rain is hitting you on the delta, discovery bay, pittsburg, antioch, dublin, tri- valley, walnut creek, north to concord. it a mess out there. right now east and south of san francisco. rainfall totals not terribly impressive when you look at the whole day but most of this has fallen over the past two hours. two-thirds of an inch for castro valley. half inch for san jose and one- third for dublin and livermore. more impressive totals in the north bay, more than 2" of rain in saint helena. santa rosa 2." and petaluma 1.2" inches of rain. it's been windy everywhere throughout the day today. that will continue even when
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the rain tapers off. the wind continues. we'll see some high elevation gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. that's weaker than what we saw earlier today. mount diablo 70 miles per hour. los altos hills 55 miles per hour. so it's been wet and windy an both will continue through the evening commute. rain tapers off tonight but this is round 1. there is another round moving in, and that will hit us over the weekend. as we said, the highest rainfall totals are in the north bay. kpix 5's da lin is in the north bay where it's been raining hard in healdsburg. da. >> reporter: yeah. nonstop rain here, paul. one-two punch literally in the north bay. we got the strong rain and gusty winds. take a look at this clogged storm drain forcing the water out of the manhole. elsewhere we have downed trees and darkened homes. the morning started out with heavy rain causing pour visibility on the -- poor
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visibility on the freeway. at times windshield wipers couldn't clear the water fast enough. the wet roads caused quite a few accidents on 101. the chp says this driver lost control in santa rosa and slammed into the center divide. by the afternoon hours, winds started to pick up, knocking down trees. this one in healdsburg blocked both directions of mill creek road for an hour. >> when these rains come, saturated soils, tree falls over. >> reporter: colleen mcglynn is worried about her vineyard. a clogged storm drain is forcing water to gush out of the manhole right in front of her business. >> we're getting flooded because of this. >> reporter: the runoff is right up to her storage and taste rooms and the water is still rising. she is using sandbags but colleen doesn't know if that will be enough. this is how it looks outside of her tasting room now. >> we have everything on pallets. we put everything on tables. you know, we're doing what we can. >> reporter: colleen is trying to prevent a costly headache
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why we flooded in december three inches throughout the whole building. >> reporter: she says unless the couldn't comes out to clear the storm drain, her building will likely be under water if this rain continues. >> i'm not terribly optimistic. >> reporter: i just checked her building. that building is okay. but the vineyard next to her parts of that vineyard are now under about 2 to 3 inches of water. live in healdsburg, da lin, kpix 5. contra costa county is in the crosshairs of this big storm. strong winds brought down a huge tree on a road in alamo. this one a double whammy. first power got knocked out to dozens of homes. and then the neighborhood itself was cut off. no one could get in or out until that tree could be cut up and cleared away. trouble in the starbucks parking lot not far away. another tree came down on a group of cars. luckily, no one was hurt. firefighters used chainsaws to
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help free the vehicles. team coverage continues with kpix 5's ryan takeo and the wind damage in san francisco. ryan. >> reporter: a lot of wind problems here especially moscow and geneva. right up here, one of those power lines is still hot. so they have this street closed and they are keeping the families inside and off of the street. but as we pan off, you can see the tree that's leaning up against the power lines right there. again, the secondary lines are hot over here so they're keeping people out of the street and away from danger. the wind caused several issues today in san francisco and, in fact, for the second time today, at vallejo and hyde, a tree has come down. that just happened late this afternoon. earlier, it blocked the cable car lines for about an hour. neighbors here surprised the wind has been the main issue and not the rain. >> this is pretty crazy wind here. not expected to have this type
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of wind. but rain, we kind of are expecting the rain this season but definitely not the wind. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not like this. >> not like this, not like this. yeah. >> reporter: firefighters say here at moscow and geneva it's a dead tree and it didn't need much to topple over. they don't know when exactly this area is going to be back open. and people can come out of their houses. they are waiting on pg&e and also public works and, of course, everyone is busy today. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. on the peninsula, people are worried tonight they could get flooded again. the last big storm in december left dozens of homes swamped. christian hartnett with the problem that just won't go away. christian. >> reporter: when the rain comes, so does the stress. people at the mobile home park are expecting it to flood. they are just -- they just don't know how much. now, neighbors say that there's only so much they can do to prevent damage, floodwaters dammed home after home in december when the last big
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storm came through. now sandbags are around some of the homes and those who have been living here the longest know to raise their homes up on wooden blocks to prevent water from coming in. >> i have gone through three floods. i have lost my house. i lost my car. i've lost everything in my shed. i lost my rugs, my furniture, everything the last time 10 years ago. this time i raised my house up. >> reporter: the lamar trailer park has water pumps installed in the back of the property but the park manager says they aren't always effective because it pumps the water into a canal behind the park, the same canal that overflows during heavy rains and causing flooding in the first place. so people here know the drill. they just don't know how high the water will be going up. but they will be watching closely tonight until everything clears up. christian hartnett, kpix 5. this is a live look at sfo where 180 flights are grounded.
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delays are upwards of 90 minutes. oakland has one cancellation. and mineta san jose has two canceled flights. 14,000 customers without power around the bay area tonight. most of those customers are in the east bay. nearly 6400 people are in the dark. the north bay follows with 5800, 2,000 in the san francisco and peninsula have no power. nearly 500 in the south bay. if the storm continues you can track realtime radar on the cbs bay area weather app. download it by searching kpix 5 in the app store or in google play. sounds crazy talking about it on a wet day like this but federal help is on the way as california struggles into the fourth year of this drought. >> california is ground zero for drought. there is no state that's worse off than this state in terms of the degree of exceptional drought. >> $50 million will be split among several western states. the largest portion is earmarked for california.
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the central valley water project will get about $20 million. >> this is complex difficult stuff. managing to protect, um, our fish and wildlife and our vegetation, our water flows, and to support our farmers and the great economic activity that they engage in. >> california's funds will help with water transfers and diversifying water supplies. the mystery is deepening over a fatal hit-and-run crash in the south bay. early wednesday morning a garbage truck slammed into a car. that car drove off. police found it blocks away and nearby the body of a girl. we learned today that girl isn't old enough to drive. len ramirez on this sad puzzle. >> reporter: the fatal collision was a mystery from the start. but now milpitas police have even deeper questions to answer. the santa clara county coroner's office has determined that the victim of wednesday morning's deadly crash was a 14-
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year-old girl. >> saddening that that was somebody so young and now we really want to find out what she was doing out at 3:30 in the morning, who she was with. >> reporter: the body of cynthia ramirez becerra of san jose was found in the street next to the wreckage of a gray cadillac two-door. it had come to a stop on coyote street in milpitas after crashing into this garbage truck half a mile away. police first thought the victim was the driver who died after the collision. now they are not so sure. >> we are still trying to determine where she was in the car, was she the driver or passenger, who was driving, how many people were inside the car. also, how she ended up outside the car. we are still trying to piece all that together. >> reporter: whoever was behind the wheel drove it on a bare axle for half a mile, the friction setting off a fire that burned the car. today as two candles snuffed out by the rain mark the spot where her body lay police were still trying to contact the girl's family and friends. in milpitas, len ramirez, kpix
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5. >> anyone who may have witnessed anything involving this crash is being asked to call milpitas police. well, three menlo park police officers have been cleared in the shooting death of a burglary suspect. there will be no criminal charges filed against the officers involved in shooting 52-year-old jerry matheny. the menlo park officers found him burglarizing a building on willow place in november. police say they used a taser when he tried to run. and they say when he pulled out a gun, police fired back. the uc system will require all incoming students to be vaccinated for certain diseases. beginning in 2017, students will have to have their shots for tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox before attending class. currently students are only tested for hepatitis "b." the uc says the plan is designed to help protect the health of the students especially during this current measles outbreak. all 29 ports on the west
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coast of the u.s. are shutting down this weekend. that includes the port of oakland which is caught up in a big labor dispute. the pacific maritime association operates the ports. it says that since the union workers are already in a slowdown, it doesn't see a reason to hire them this weekend. a lockout could happen this monday if a deal is not reached. the tesoro oil refinery in martinez is shut down. that's because its workers are on strike. tesoro says that it will use the facility as a terminal to store oil. there's been no sign of any progress in the contract talks. experts are warning an extended strike could drive up gas prices. all right. so usually when someone tells you to move out, it's not good news. but some bay area tenants couldn't be more excited. the surprise and very welcome announcement that has them packing up. >> and plenty of rain in this latest bay area storm. why some bay area business owners say, hey, bring it on!
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it is a tough drive home on the peninsula on friday when it's sunny but 101 and 280 right now just to a halt courtesy of the rainfall. it's palo alto, redwood city, los altos, woodside, all the way north to san mateo and burlingame. we will talk about prospects for the weekend coming up in 6 minutes. other news tonight. relief on the way for hundreds of people living in one of the most disgusting housing projects in the area. they are getting money to move out. don ford shows us the filth that many had to live in. >> reporter: cockroach infested apartment, leaking roots, concrete walkways separated so much you can see daylight
6:15 pm
through them. >> they got roaches bedbugs. >> reporter: renters that live with this at the richmond hacienda apartment for years. >> if you look -- >> reporter: a year ago diana stanton showed us her roach infested sink. today she invited us back in. >> there are still dead roaches under the sink. >> reporter: conditions so bad, she guards her food in shopping carts. >> box like this i can't put in my cabinet because bugs get in there so i put them in the basket. >> reporter: this afternoon an announcement people living here have waited a long time to hear. >> hud has approved the vouchers needed to relocate the tenants of hacienda. >> reporter: all 101 families will get section 8 vouchers to pay for them to move out. >> oh, i think that's great because i never liked richmond anyway. >> reporter: the move will be expensive. a million dollars to move everyone. then the building will be gutted repaired and remodeled. >> fantastic! i don't think we'll be coming back here. >> reporter: the renovation is expected to take two years and
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cost $20 million. the vouchers that the tenants will be receiving soon are federal vouchers good anywhere in the nation. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5. a 2.9 magnitude earthquake jolted people away on the peninsula this morning. it hit near redwood city. it was felt as far away as concord. residents near the epicenter were shocked by the early wake- up call. one said the quake sounded like a firecracker went off inside husband house. another said she thought a wild animal was on top of her home. >> and it felt like something slammed into this side of the house and then went up over the roof. i heard it go over the roof. i don't know how that's possible and then came down the other side slammed on the other side of the house. >> up until recently, quakes in this area have been rare. but last month, the so-called locked fault line had several small quakes. let's switch back to our storm coverage right now. one palo alto tree was really
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no match for the strong winds today. it crashed near hillview on the expressway. crews cut it up into smaller pieces to hall it off the road. first heavy rain of the year is welcomed though at some north bay vineyards. a winery says they are thrilled with the weather. >> we had drought for several months and the deluge in december was fantastic, dry in january. this is just the right time for the grapevines. >> winemakers are hoping for more of this type of weather to carry them into a great season. so are we, you know? >> definitely needed it. >> yeah. this turned out better than i thought because there was a concern we got too much too quickly. we got the rainfall we wanted but we stretched it out over the day, more tomorrow, more on
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sunday, a few more showers monday morning without the widespread flooding we had in december. so wonderful news. i know it messed up your friday commute. you're still waiting for your loved ones to get home but that's the price you pay when you're in the drought. we needed the rainfall and got it. it was another 10-degree above average day. it's all about the south bay. all day long it was the north bay getting the heaviest rainfall but mother nature is now sharing. those of you in san jose are getting much-needed rainfall. right across the dumbarton bridge, palo alto, over to fremont, newark, hayward, livermore, danville, walnut creek, morgan hill, gilroy, everybody in the south bay is getting a lot of rain right now. here's some wonderful news. the snow level was forecast to be 8,000 feet. i'm happy to report it's not at 8,000 feet. currently it's at 6,000 feet. that means a lot of snowfall at lower elevations. more snow is great. four to twelve inches at 6,000
6:19 pm
feet. about 8,000 feet a foot or two with winds up to 80, 90 miles an hour but lots of snow in the sierra right now. fanfest weekend the giants on saturday, the better day of the two as you go say hello to your world champion giants. and the a's, that's on sunday, rain on sunday especially if you plan on get there is when the gates open at 10 a.m. here's the setup. round number one we're living it right now. there it is. it's gone by tomorrow. there's no low that's behind it but that guy scoots up toward seattle. this blob on your television screen is round number 2. it's an organized area of low pressure that will hop aboard the train tracks in the atmosphere. that live gust the rainfall on sunday. -- that will give us the rainfall on sunday. in the north bay still calling for 3 to 8" of total rainfall all four days put into one. the south bay still an inch or two. i have lowered the minimum amounts in the east bay and the peninsula because some of you may only get about an inch of rain. but the maximum is still up near 3." so the forecast has changed
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very little over the past 24 hours. fremont tomorrow a little bit of sunshine mixed with showers 66. san jose 68. napa 63. the wetter day over the weekend by far is sunday. slight risk of a thunderstorm, as well. monday morning, all the rain is gone and look at next week. it's all or nothing this winter so we get all through sunday and forget about it. another week of dry weather, sunshine, highs near 70 degrees. >> it's going to be warm. not like the temperatures are dropping. >> we have not had one day this year that has been cooler than average. every day has been warmer than normal for the whole year. >> crazy. >> that's cool. >> hey. that's california. we'll take that. >> yeah, ken will take it. take a look at this. lightning in sacramento today. you can see it move across the sky but never touch down. we are going to show it to you again so you can get a better look at t -- so you can get a better look at it. downtown sacramento got a half inch of rain today. well, still ahead, they are a quiet staple in any
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when many apple employees hit the road they drive over to tesla for a new job. the electric carmaker has hired more than 150 people from apple over the last few years. that's more apple employees than workers from any other company. tesla's founder says that apple's design philosophy is closely aligned with tesla's. meanwhile a san jose barbershop is the star of a new documentary. >> kpix 5's devin fehely on why this one business has become such an important part of a south bay community. >> black barbershop is a central hub the one place we can go and feel that we are
6:24 pm
important. >> they connect people. it connects businesses. they connect the community. >> reporter: a unique cultural institution the black barbershop is taking center stage in a new documentary produced by dr. michael cheers and his students at san jose state university. >> it's one of the pillars in the community of place you can go to congregate, doesn't matter if you are a mailman, a garbage man, if you are just a kid, you can go in there and express yourself. >> reporter: students worked on the diaries for more than two years documenting the lives of the more than a dozen barbers at the barber's, inc., a popular shop in shop in downtown san jose. the owner says community service is an integral part of his approach to business. >> i wanted a barber that really embraced the old school traditions of barbering and that wanted to be a part of that community social hub. >> reporter: professor cheers says the role of the barbershop is even more important in san jose where the black community is relatively small and doesn't live in historically black
6:25 pm
neighborhoods. >> the barbershop is that place where commerce, history, politics, sports, everything else all comes together. >> that was devin fehely reporting. the film makes its debut sunday in san jose. tonight we are in the middle of the bay area's first storm of the year. rain and wind causing messy conditions on the freeways now of here's a live look at the bay bridge right through the water on our lens. slow going on most of the other roads in the bay area. and a warning before you file your taxes. th
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because together, we thrive. ♪ life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. tonight the bay area is getting slammed with a one-two punch of wind and rain. chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking it all for us. paul? >> it is the south bay right now and the east bay getting hammered by this right through the evening commute. the worst of the weather for you in and around san jose stretching up to livermore and also antioch. all the green you see in the north bay is just a light rain. you had the heavy rain for pretty much the entire day until now. now it's about you in san jose. campbell, sunnyvale, milpitas,
6:29 pm
fremont, some yellow on your television screen means rainfall right for the quarter to half inch of rain an hour. that's a lot for us. antioch, pittsburg, brentwood, west on highway 4 back to concord, south to walnut creek and pleasant hill. also blackhawk, san ramon and alamo you're getting some heavy rainfall. so just about every highway we could mention, 880, 680, 580, 101, very wet. most rainfall, look at that, in sonoma county there's a recording station there called verynated doe in the north bay mountains. they received 8 inches of rainfall today in venado. lake sonoma more than 4" of rainfall. you have seen a lot of trash cans in the neighborhood knocked over if today was trash day, sustained winds continuing south 20 to 40 miles per hour and higher health tops will continue the next several hours with wind gusts to 60 miles per hour. so the rain is beginning to taper off. but the wind will be with us for the next six to eight
6:30 pm
hours. and this is round one. we only call it round one if there has to be a round two. we'll have that coming up in a few minutes. new video coming in right now of more storm damage. this is a huge tree down in the berkeley hills. it actually landed on a home. no one was hurt. when we stopped by a short time ago the clean-up was under way. ryan takeo has more. >> reporter: the wind caused damage today but it also provided us with a terrific show on the waterfront. tourists found out they got too close with huge waves crashing into the seawall at the embarcadero. the waves pounded pier 14 near the ferly building and brought visitors streaming on the sidewalk to watch mother nature's fury near the ferry building. mike left sunny southern california for this, this weekend. and he got a surprise when he and his girlfriend tried to
6:31 pm
take a selfie. >> we are trying to take a couple of photos and the wind got the best of us. it took us back a few steps and we almost lost control. >> reporter: a neighbor walking down there told me he has never seen the waterfront like that and he lived there for 25 years. ryan takeo kpix 5. >> yeah. christin ayers is in south city with damage from the storm, as well. -- christian hartnett is in south city with damage from the storm, as well. last time we saw you it was howling. >> reporter: it's still ripping through here for hours. trees are swaying and bending in directions they shouldn't be. our truck is swaying back and forth and it's even put some clean-up crews to work today. in brisbane a tree fell over into power lines near bayshore boulevard and san bruno avenue. the power lines came down causing electrical issues at
6:32 pm
nearby businesses and hopes. but pg&e and the brisbane fire department was there to take care of it. over here in south san francisco we are just a few paces away from the bay trail. surprisingly enough, right when we arrived in this location, there were at least a few -- i'd say a few, not too many joggers but there were people jogging if you could believe it with wind flying everywhere. overall not too many people out right now i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more trees come down but we'll wait and see on that. live in south san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix 5. strong winds felt in contra costa county tearing down the fence splintered wooden planks flying into a passing car. the front end of this suv was damaged. let's check in now with da lin who is giving us a look at the storm in the north bay right now. that sewer line still plugged up where were you? still coming out of the manhole
6:33 pm
cover? >> reporter: yeah, still clogged up. but the rain has been really coming down in sheets and sideways as we speak. it's been like this in healdsburg all afternoon. yeah, this is the manhole that you're talking about here. it is still gushing out on the road and into nearby vineyards. take a look at how it was pushing out of the manhole around 2:30 this afternoon. you can see the runoff is going in a nearby vineyard. the owner is worried it will flood her stores and tasting rooms. that owner is using sandbags to divert water. but i can tell you several inches of water are creeping up to her doorstep. now, not too far away from that vineyard, a tree fell on to a middle creek road and blocked both directions for about an hour this afternoon. we're seeing quite a few downed trees resulting in power outages in the north bay. let's come back live now. you can see, this rain has not -- has not let up at all.
6:34 pm
and with this saturation a lot of the soil we have out here is saturated, public works workers expecting to see even more downed trees. a couple of breaks but for the most part it's been a continuous situation since this morning. back to you. >> thank you, da lin reporting live from healdsburg. we'll continue on with our coverage. looking now to san jose where our devin fehely is standing by. it's been coming down for about an hour now? >> reporter: yeah, actually all day long off and on but pretty steadily down here in the south bay. it did taper off this afternoon briefly but picked right back up in time for the evening commute. we did see several accidents on rain slicked roads this afternoon including a two-car pile-up in which one of the cars overturned. now, thankfully the police department says that the injuries in that accident were minor. once that was clear the traffic resumed and traffic has been flowing pretty freely here on
6:35 pm
camden avenue. typically a pretty busy thoroughfare here in south san jose. the police department is urging drivers to slow down. better to arrive later and to arrive in one piece. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> today's wind and rain are just the start. stay with kpix 5 throughout the weekend for updated forecasts and to keep tabs on conditions at any time of the day, download the cbs bay area weather app. search "kpix" in the app store and download the cbs bay area weather app. it's now available for iphone and android. still ahead, tax trouble. >> why one of the country's most popular tax
6:36 pm
female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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it's been almost 15ers. >> since a san francisco art student was shot and killed outside a palo alto nightclub. tonight the unusual tactic to try to crack the cold case that's 15 years old. that and more on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our
6:38 pm
sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. turbotax is back on track tonight once again accepting efiling for state income tax returns but earlier today the mountain view company halted all its efilings due to fraud concerns. the issue came to light after thousands of users received rejection notices from their state tax agencies. they were told that their returns had already been filed. security experts say it was a result of some crooks using information it was stolen elsewhere to file fraudulent tax returns on turbotax software. >> it's not their job to authenticate people when it comes to the acceptance of a tax return by federal, state authorities. think of them as they are the platform. >> turbotax says it is now identifying specific patterns of behavior indicating fraud and is now working with states to stop the fraud before it occurs. here in california, the state franchise tax board says it has
6:39 pm
not identified any unusual fraud activity. still ahead, a bay area school with no library, no track, no lab, with the mounting challenges find out how alumni are jumping in to help give student a shot at future success. >> it is pouring, it is slow at the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge. first time this year it has rained. great. february 6 first time this year it's rained but it's raining now and we're not done. we're just getting started. how much more rain? the answer next. >> straight ahead in sports, it was a world series champ sighting today. >> are you ready for fore one of these? >> nba's best of the east host the warriors and what one time 49er favorite is going to wear the silver and black in oakland? all in
6:40 pm
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of stores on youtube.
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hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... low income students have to rise above a lot of shortages in inner city schools but coming up how alumni at one bay area school are stepping in to try to fill the gap. today is the wettest day of
6:43 pm
2015. that's because it rained at all. the previous 35 or 36 days didn't have a drop of rainfall but now finally, it is raining. great time lapse from our live neighborhood network. potrero hill looking down on the city waves and waves of rain lots of cloud cover but temperatures that were in the mid-60s. this was a warm air mass coming up from the south and it's wet right now. it is really wet. but not everywhere in the bay area. the north bay you are now getting the break. but look at all the rain from san jose -- if you were to hop on 880 north out of san jose all the way to oakland, it would be pouring the entire trip. if you were to do 680 from san jose north to danville, it would be pouring during the entire trip. we know a couple of thousand folks are doing that right now so a lot of rainfall in the east bay and south bay but look at the peninsula the rain stopped even though temporarily in san mateo. overnight tonight these are your overnight lows. close to 60 in san francisco and oakland. 55 for vallejo, san jose 53 degrees. the setup is this. the train tracks in the
6:44 pm
atmosphere are set. they are laid down. they are not moving for the next couple of days. that brought storm number one here. now, why couldn't we get rain for 36 days but now we can? it's because the blocking ridge of high pressure is blocking the rain from arizona and actually that's allowing the train tracks and that jet stream to move right over top of us piling in all of that tropical moisture. this is round number 1. after a break tomorrow you see that gap right there, that's your mixture of showers and sun breaks tomorrow. we are going to get a little before the sunshine even on saturday afternoon. i have circled round 2. this is the next storm that will use the same train tracks in the atmosphere to move back into the bay area. that will give us a pretty sloppy day coming up on sunday but more much-needed rain. wave number one moves out tonight. the wind is done by midnight. the rain probably done by 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. just scattered showers. on sunday wave 2, more rainfall coming up adding to our already impressive rainfall totals in the north bay. some of you upwards of 8" of rain by monday morning. the east bay one to three inches of rainfall. south bay one or two inches of rainfall for you. and san francisco and san mateo
6:45 pm
county, including you in half moon bay, one to three inches of rainfall. wind big issue all day. 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts in mount diablo. 50 miles per hour in half moon bay still elevated even 11:00 tonight 30 or 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. we roll through the night now. and get into tomorrow, and you can watch the wind gusts really begin it decrease. we're talking about winds going down to 20 or 30 miles per hour by 3 or 4:00. and then we are looking at the winds diminishing more into the weekend. we are looking at wind dying down. we are looking at the rain relaxing for a bit. but then on sunday, here comes the next round. highs will be in the 60s tomorrow. highs will be in the 60s on sunday with that rain come back again. and next week, we go back to the sunshine. monday through friday of next week, we likely will be sunny. we'll be back to the 70s by next wednesday. so the rain calming down tonight. picking back up once again on sunday morning. that's your forecast. >> thank you, paul. we have been hearing about some pretty heated meetings in oakland recently regarding five schools that the district wants
6:46 pm
to improve. it's all in the talking stages. right now. but a lot of our students rising above happen to come from those particular schools. so wendy tokuda went to one of them to see what they're dealing with. >> reporter: you know, when it comes to spending on kids in public schools, california comes in 45th in the country. and schools with a concentration of low income kids not only have greater needs, but they don't have parents or a pta with a lot of money to make up for shortages. here is a look at how that plays out at fremont high in oakland. the library of fremont high has been closed for more than six years. that's because there is no librarian. >> so you can't use the library. >> no. >> reporter: we talked to a group of students at fremont and got a tour from william varner, a student rising above and an alum here. >> this is the college center. used to be the music room which we don't have no more. >> reporter: the college center
6:47 pm
has only been open for three years run by alum jalisa collins. when she went to school here there was none. why did it take so long to get a college center here? >> because the school did not have money. >> bring it back to me. >> reporter: even now, there is only one college counselor. the kids see the shortages everywhere. >> you don't have labs? >> we don't have the supplies for labs. labs are in classes because we don't have, um, french, we only have spanish. >> reporter: they say they don't have enough paper or markers. teacher and alum michelle gonzalez buys a lot of her own supplies. >> sharpeners, the pens, i bought those, um, hole punchers. pretty much everything in here. >> reporter: the uneven playing field is evident right on the football field which is too short for regulation games. >> how can they feel enthusiastic about really trying to do a sport and it's, like, nothing much to work
6:48 pm
with. so i really feel bad that this is, like, we really don't have much. >> reporter: no baseball field, no track. so the kids have to run laps on the streets. >> the car came this way and they started shooting and driving. >> reporter: these kids showed us where one track student was shot while running right in front of the school. inside the weight room, coach and fremont alum scott alexander shows us the equipment. >> so i was here in 1984. this is still probably the same exact bench that i laid on in 1984. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all this for kids who face their own shortages at home. how many kids at your school have computers at home? >> not a lot. >> nope. >> if they have computers they probably don't have internet. >> we come not from nothing but we barely have anything. >> fremont is a good school and the potential to be even a better school if we just have
6:49 pm
money coming in. >> reporter: fremont is one of five schools that the oakland school district is focusing on to improve and it will be getting more money. if you want to help our students rising above go to college, a lot of them from schools like fremont, please go to to find out how you can donate. >> i think what's so frustrating for me at least is that everybody is paying taxes, the money goes into the state. it goes into the local school districts. why is it the not getting to the schools? any idea -- why is it not getting to the schools? >> we are paying taxes but we are 45th in the country in terms of how much we spend -- >> a lot of families and immigrants. a lot of -- you know, it costs a lot to run a school with kids who have those needs. >> which is why there is a need and your organization, you're doing the right thing by filling the need. >> we're working on it. >> one kid at a time anyway. >> working on it >> thank you.
6:50 pm
we'll be
6:51 pm
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all right. we'll hit you first with nba and the warrior at the hawks. steve kerr clipboarded in.
6:53 pm
this is why we make veronica stop tweeting. warriors down three 3rd quarter. steph curry classic pullup bank shot. tied at 74. mike scott pumps, fakes, pops, atlanta 19-0 when leading after 3. right now hold on to something, atlanta leads 118- 110 with a buck 15 to go in the game. all right. now, last time ken norton, jr., worked in the bay area, he was making tackles as a lineback fort 49ers. now he is the raiders defensive coordinator. former teammate of new coach jack del rio when they were both with the cowboys. norton had been the seattle seahawks linebacker coach. he won one of his three super bowl rings with the 49ers in 1994. baseball fanfest weekend for giants and a's. this morning, giants back together for the first time
6:54 pm
since the world series parade. media meet and greet surrounded madison baumgarner at the ballpark. absent, pablo sandoval with the red sox now. panda's replacement at third base this fella at the back casey mcgee last year with the marlins seems to be happy to be here but there's already a playful chip on his shoulder. >> it's going to be interesting the day they get their rings. um, you feel a little left out. but maybe i'll bring my japanese ring in or something so i have something to wear on the plane afterwards. it makes you really want to be able to feel what they felt and experience that. >> the 39-year-old had ankle surgery earlier in january. when it came up when we chatted -- >> are you ready for another
6:55 pm
one of these, tim hudson? >> i am. great year hopefully. >> fans want to know the ankle. where are we right now with it? >> you know, right now i'm five weeks out of surgery and it's really feeling good. now it's just getting my arm in shape. it's ready to go. i'm ready to get this thing cranked up. >> you had the excitement of winning the whole thing and after that, at what point did you have that moment where you said to yourself, wow, this thing really happened. >> after i get home and all our box came in from our locker and everything and once i started unpacking all the memorabilia and world series stuff and the pictures and all that this really did happen. it was very surreal. everything happened, you know, so fast at the end of the year. next thing you know we were in the world series and in game 7. how in the world did we get here so fast? here we are living it. >> let's talk about this year. it's i hate to say it, it's an odd number year which usually means, um, the giants don't make it all the way. >> i just feel like our pitching is going to be strong.
6:56 pm
i think our defense is going to be strong. i think our offense is going to score enough runs for us to be competitive in every game. if we can do the little things, i think we're gonna be fine. >> tim hudson joining us coming to a pitcher's mound about 200 yards as the crow flies from here coming up in april. >> there will be more of me and tim hudson enjoying each other. [ laughter ] >> sunday night on game day. time running down, 120-114. atlanta looks like they will put it on ice. fanfest tomorrow 10-3 at at&t. the a's on a soggy sunday. >> more on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. >> for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website, i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [steve mutters] steve: good. how you folks? thank you very much. thank you very much. i appreciate it. yep. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of 20,000 bucks from manitowoc, wisconsin, it's the blevins family. and from warner robins, georgia, it's the armstrong family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here
7:00 pm
in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. hey, i got some money. let's play to get it. give me sheryl. give me chris. guys, here we go. top 6 answers on the board. name something most men do in the morning that a caveman wouldn't have done. >> brush their teeth. steve: brush their teeth. >> sh... shave. steve: shave. [family yelling "play"] yep, they got the right woman for the job.


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